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U.A. & B.A. Testing – House Rules

U.A. & B.A. Testing - Transition House Rules

breathalyzer-testing house rules transition


All members are subject to a U.A./B.A. test at any time.

Two member will be randomly selected at each regular house meeting for a random testing on a random date.

From time to time, and at the recommendation of any member, entire house U.A./B.A. will be done.

The bathroom door must remain open during all U.A’s.

Failure to comply with testing is the equivalent of a failed test.

A confirmed failed U.A. and/or B.A. will result in automatic eviction.

U.A. and B.A. tests are considered a courtesy; using/addict behavior is acceptable means for eviction.

All new members are required to take and pass U.A. and B.A. prior to moving in.

Tampering with a U.A. will result in immediate eviction.

If you are asked to take a U.A. you must remain in Living Room until U.A. is given. An unopened test cup will be given only at the time of U.A, and just before entering the bathroom.

You have one and a half hours to provide a U.A. if its a random U.A. and one other member must watch. If a U.A. is caused by behavior, 2 members must assist.

Member taking U.A. is required to remain in the house until the results are in from the U.A.

Member taking U.A. is not to be left alone when asked to give a U.A. until it is given.

All U.A.’s are to be left in sight and away from anywhere with household chemicals.

Any violation of U.A. or B.A. in accordance with these rules will result in an eviction without a vote.