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Curfew, Meetings & Chores – House Rules

Curfew & Meetings – House Rules

wichita sober living house rules


Regular house curfew is 12 am.

House Meetings

Only calls from interviewees or house members will be accepted during house meeting.

Late attendance to regular house meeting results in a $25 fine.

Unexcused absence to house meeting results in a $50 fine or motion for eviction.

If you have a job or in the process of getting one, make sure your schedule works around the house meeting.

Phone calls and/or texting are not allowed during house meetings.

Phones must be on silent or vibrate for the meeting. Noncompliance with the rule will result in a $5 fine.

Outside Meetings:

All members are required to attend a minimum of 2 non-house meetings a week. (See resources pages.)

If the 2 meeting requirement is not met in a certain week, that house member is responsible for making those up in the following week, along with the 2 required regular meetings for that week. If they are not made up, it may be means for eviction.

Members are required to attend in house weekly bible study as well as attend church weekly.