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Equal Expense Share (EES)


transition house rules equal expense share


EES/Rent is $110 per week for a single room, and $100 per week for a double (Sunday through Saturday) and is due by 1 hour before house meeting on Sunday’s. Any room with 2 beds is $100 and any room with one bed is $110.

Rent/EES is to be paid by money order only.

Money orders must be stamped and placed in box before or on due date and 1 hour prior to meeting.

EES is always to be paid in advance. Two weeks may be paid in advance at the discretion of each member.

Any members who put in a commitment to pay EES is placed on restriction until caught up. Only 2 commitments are allowed within a 30 day period.

When paying a commitment/past due amount, money order must be shown to house member/members to remove “restriction” status to ensure member in question is paid in full and no other commitments remain. The money order must be checked against the secretary’s report to make sure the EES is paid in full.

A negative balance may result in eviction.

Deposit slips will be provided. Meeting leader is obligated to deposit money orders in the bank on the following Monday and photo copies of the comptroller report & bank deposit receipt will be sent to the designated person.


1st week late rent equals restriction

2nd week late equals a commitment sheet and behavior contract with specific pay arrangement dates and amounts filled out and signed.

Failure to fulfill agreement/commitment sheet equals an eviction.

Behavior contracts, commitments and restrictions are only lifted on Sunday’s at House Meetings, and must pass a house vote where at least 80% of house members are present.

Behavior contracts, commitments and restrictions will not be lifted or discussed at discipleship or emergency house meetings.

Behavior contract may be placed via table motion at anytime during the week with 80% vote.