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New Members – House Rules

New Member Rules For The House

New members are the most important members in the house!

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 New members must read and sign house rules with a house leader within 24 hours of the time they move in.

 All new members are required to pass a U.A. and B.A. prior to moving in.

 All new members have to wash/clean clothes and bedding within the first 24 hours of moving in. This helps prevent disease and bed bugs.

 New members are on restriction for 1 week from the time of their move- in date.

 Restrictions allot for 12 Step Meeting attendance, meeting with sponsor, hospital or doctor visits, probation/correction meetings or legal issues, continuing care, work, grocery shopping, bible study, church and community service.

 The restriction period is for the other house members to get to know you, your habits, and demeanor better. A member on restriction may go anywhere with a veteran house member given that they still sign in and out properly.

 Restriction sign in/outs are from 7 am – 5 pm, excluding treatment. If signing out after 5 pm you must be with another member of the house when signing in and out. You have no more than 3 hours before you must come back and re-sign out again.

 Guests are prohibited while on restriction.

 It should be understood that violation of restriction may result in eviction at a regular, or emergency house meeting. At the minimum, violation of restriction will result in an additional week of restriction.

 All house members must abide to all federal, state and local laws.

 No driving without a license.

 No warrants out for an individual’s arrest.

 Any member who fails to abide to federal, state and local laws will be evicted immediately.

 All house members must be either employed a minimum of 32 hours weekly or be enrolled in school full-time.

 Employment consist of being present at member’s place of employment for 32 hours weekly. Receiving a paycheck for a certain amount of hours is not acceptable; member must be at work for 32 hours a week minimum.

 If unemployed, members must present where (and with who) applications and interviews were completed, as well as community service hours.

 New members on disability are required to do at least 20 hours of community service a week.

 Community Service hours must be listed and signed-off on by organization member/supervisor on provided community service form. Phone number of organization member/supervisor must also be listed.